We can help You get the best price!

Black Warrior Equipment offers certified equipment appraisal services for you and your company’s needs. Whether you’re buying or selling, financing, getting insured, or just want an accurate assessment of your assets, Mark, Clay and company will gladly evaluate your equipment.

New to the Appraisal process? Wonder if they are worth it and what to expect?

Many companies and individuals skip the appraisal step in selling, and run the risk of leaving thousands of dollars on the table, or asking too much in return for items they’re not able to liquidate the item which would potentially have a long-term impact of hindering the business. Appraisals vary in many aspects including costs – but we can guarantee it’ll be of value to have your equipment appraised by our experienced team.

Need help Buying or Selling a piece of equipment?

Black Warrior Equipment has decades of combined experience in buying and selling. Equipment acquisition and dispersal can be cumbersome and costly if not done right. Find a service that fits you:

  • Selling – Black Warrior will make you a quick, solid market offer for your used equipment!
  • Buying – Looking to purchase an item but want peace of mind in your decision? We will gladly help!
  • Consigning – No time to sell on your own? We will find a buyer for your equipment whether it is one piece or many! Utilizing our experience, contacts, and marketing, we will fetch top dollar for your equipment!
  • Appraisals – Certified Appraisal Services can get your started on the right foot to ensure a smooth process!

Black Warriow can get your equipment Sold!

Give us a call to discuss the specific needs for your operation:  (205) 752-7800